Post-Secondary Education Fund

Post-Secondary Education Fund

About the fund

People say that hard work is the key to success, but not all roads leading to it are paved the same. Many of our student beneficiaries drop out of post-secondary education due to financial burdens, sacrificing their goals in the process. This is a struggle the Liang family understood well – unable to complete their education due to poor socio-economic circumstances, they were inspired to help disadvantaged students finish their academic journey through the Liang Family Education Fund. Since 2020, this fund has provided deserving AMKFSC's beneficiaries with a strong academic foundation.

However, in light of the economic downturn, the number of students in need has been growing rapidly. In 2021 alone, more than $90,000 went towards supporting the post-secondary education of 25 students from low-income families. While government bursaries are provided to tertiary students, these cover only a percentage of fees and do not factor in necessities like laptops and textbooks.

At AMKFSC Community Services, we recognise that post-secondary education holds transformative power for underprivileged students. In light of these increasing needs, we have set up the Post-Secondary Education Fund, which aims to continue the Liang family's legacy so that deserving students can continue receiving the support they need to pursue their education.

With your support, we hope to raise at least $100,000 every year to support up to 25 students annually, so that we can sustain this transformative impact for years to come. This would help amplify our efforts to provide opportunities to our youths with high potential, in the hope that they can thrive and achieve their dreams – and pull their families out of the vicious cycle of poverty.


How the fund makes a difference

Post-Secondary Education Fund

Offsets school fees and other necessary expenses


Post-Secondary Education Fund

Provides financial support to high-potential students from low-income families


KidStart Programme Preschool

Allows students to focus on their studies without worry


Who is eligible for the fund?

To qualify for the fund, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Clients who require assistance as they undergo their post-secondary education (i.e., ITE, polytechnics, universities, and private institutions leading to formal certification)
  • Client's family must earn a gross monthly household income of $2,750 and below, or gross per capita income of $690 and below*
  • Client's family must be a recipient of services or support from any division in AMKFSC Community Services

*considerations will be made for families that do not meet the criteria due to their household income but have other significant extenuating circumstances (e.g. chronic illnesses, multiple stressors etc).


Hear from recipients of the fund

  • Collin*, 19 Beneficiary of Youth Infinity

    Collin*, 19 Beneficiary of Youth Infinity

    "When I was younger, my dad was sent to jail. This caused my mom to face depression, and they got divorced. Working as a cleaner, my mother had little income and no time to supervise me – our relationship was difficult. I started skipping school.

    With the help of Youth Infinity, I found a direction that suited my interests - gaming! However, my financial situation made it seem impossible to complete my studies. Thankfully, the Post-Secondary Education Fund helped to support me through my Diploma in Game Development at MAGES Institute of Excellence."

  • Nazreen, 22 Beneficiary of Sengkang FSC

    Nazreen, 22 Beneficiary of Sengkang FSC

    "Growing up in a single-parent household, I witnessed my mother single-handedly provide for my family of six. As the eldest, I was determined to study hard so that I could support my family – I just needed the right opportunities to get there. With sheer hard work, I managed to secure a place in the Singapore Institute of Management – RMIT University to pursue a degree in Marketing. However, financial assistance schemes were limited. Thankfully, the Post-Secondary Education Fund significantly reduced the amount that my family had to pay for my studies.”

  • Qila*, 19 Beneficiary of Punggol FSC

    Qila*, 19 Beneficiary of Punggol FSC

    "As the oldest sibling in a family of four children, it was difficult to enjoy being a teenager. I had to do household chores, manage my brothers’ behaviours, and deal with my parents’ constant fighting at home. I often thought to myself, “Why can’t I just live like a normal student? Through the Post-Secondary Education Fund, I was provided with financial support to pursue a National ITE certificate in Business Services, where I scored As and Bs. This helped me to build my confidence, and also develop my social skills through school life."


Here’s how you can give

From 1 August 2022 till 31 March 2023, your donations via cheque and will be matched dollar-for-dollar under the Tote Board Enhanced Fundraising Programme.


You can donate via AMKFSC’s Post-Secondary Education Fund on


Please make your cheque payable to "AMKFSC Community Services Ltd.", indicate “PSEF” on the back of the cheque and mail the cheque together with the donation form, to:

Mailing address:
AMKFSC Community Services
223D Compassvale Walk
Singapore 054223
Attn: Strategic Communications & Partnerships Department


If you would like to contribute to our cause by exploring a possible partnership or collaboration, do reach out to us at .


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