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Legacy Giving

Through Legacy Giving, you can make a difference and leave a lasting impact on the lives of children, youths, elderly and families in need.

AMKFSC Community Services is committed to helping disadvantaged individuals and families to overcome life’s challenges and maximise their potential for a brighter future.

Below are ways in which you can help us sustain and support the causes that are close to your heart:

Post-Secondary Education Fund

Memorial Gifts

A memorial gift is a donation made in remembrance of a loved one, which allows you to pay tribute to their memory and make it possible for them to continue supporting what they believe in.

To give a Memorial Gift, donate via our online platforms or mail a cheque to us.


Post-Secondary Education Fund

Will & Bequests

Wills and bequests allow you to designate your assets towards a good cause after your death. Creating them will ensure that your assets are used to bring a new lease of life to those in need.

To continue your legacy, you can indicate “AMKFSC Community Services Ltd.” as a beneficiary of your will. You may consult a lawyer if you need help.


KidStart Programme Preschool

Insurance Policies

You can do good through your insurance plan by naming a charity as a beneficiary of your policy. With this option, you can leave a lasting mark without affecting your current financial situation.

Designate a percentage of your insurance payout by indicating AMKFSC Community Services Ltd. as a beneficiary of your policy.


KidStart Programme Preschool

Central Provident Fund (CPF)

A CPF nomination allows you to decide how your CPF savings are distributed when you pass on. Allocate a portion to support the underprivileged to grow the impact of your savings.

Nominate AMKFSC Community Services Ltd. as a beneficiary of your CPF monies by downloading this form.


If you would like to nominate AMKFSC Community Services, kindly refer to our details below.

Name of Organisation: AMKFSC Community Services Ltd.
UEN:  201229817Z
Type of Entity:  Social Service Agency
Address:  223D Compassvale Walk #01-673 Singapore 054223

When considering legacy giving, it is essential to consult with a professional (such as a financial planner or attorney), to ensure that your wishes are carried out correctly. You can also speak to us at to learn more about our legacy giving programme and how your gift can make a difference.

By making a legacy gift, you can help ensure that AMKFSC Community Services continues to provide vital services to those in need, for years to come.

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