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Thrive Parenting!

In May 2019, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has appointed AMKFSC Community Services Ltd. to deliver the following Family Support Programmes in the regional cluster of Ang Mo Kio and/or Yishun. The programmes aim to empower the families and their children by enhancing parenting capacities and for their children to thrive in lives. Thrive Parenting! comprises of two core services, namely the divorce and parenting support services.

Divorce Support Services

The divorce support services strive to encourage divorcing and/or divorced couples to adopt a child-centric approach in addressing their differences and in resolving their conflicts. Better child’s outcomes are achieved through establishing a cooperative co-parenting plan with the couples, and through enhancing parent-child relationships. The following services are provided to these families in order to mitigate the adverse impact of the parents’ divorce on the children.

  1. Mandatory Parenting Programme (MPP)

    - For parents with children aged below 21 years who are divorcing under the Women’s Charter and are unable to agree on divorce or ancillary matters at the point of filing for divorce. Under the MPP, divorcing couples with minor children would be provided with a consultation session before they file for divorce. It is designed to encourage divorcing couples make informed decisions that prioritise the well-being of children.
  2. Children-in-Between Programme (CiB)

    - CiB are groupwork programmes which aim to equip the parents and children with better coping strategies to address the impact of divorce on the children and on themselves. The topics covered are better way to resolve parental conflict, understanding the needs of children in a divorce situation, equipping the children with skills to better share their feelings, etc.
  3. Casework and Counselling Services

    - For families with a focus on lower income divorcing/divorced families who may require help to i) make an informed decision on divorce, ii) come to terms with the divorce, iii) achieve positive co-parenting, and iv) resolve underlying conflict.
  4. Supervised Exchange and Supervised Visitation (SESV)

    - SESV services aim to help high-conflicted couples to manage difficulties over child access matters. It provides a safe platform for children who express strong reluctance and discomfort about meeting their access parent. Workers help by mitigating distrust and working on the complex family dynamics.
  5. Psychological Services

    - For clients who are assessed to require more specialized psychological interventions. Workers will follow the protocol set by Community Psychology Hub to identify such families and provide the service in a seamless manner.

Parenting Support Services

The parenting support services provide preventive and upstream support to parents through Family Life Education (FLE) programmes to enhance parenting capabilities, strengthen parent-child relationships and reduce difficult behaviours amongst children. Parents will be equipped with knowledge, skills and confidence to nurture positive family relationships, through workshops and customized consultations under the FamilyMatters@School (FMS) Programme Menu.

FMS Programme Menu consists of Broad-Based Programmes (BBPs) covering a range of topics, Evidence-Based Programmes (EBPs) such as the Positive Parenting Programme (“Triple P”) and Signposts Programme, and the Fathers Programmes.

Our main objective is to:

  1. Improve coordination and delivery of programmes, especially for clients with multiple needs.
  2. Increase outreach, especially vulnerable groups, to encourage participation in parenting support programmes.
  3. Provide parents with follow-on and/or other support, such as counselling and information & referral services after completing EBPs.

Our range of services