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Punggol FSC Family Day 2016

Punggol Family Day, held at Kallang Wave Mall and Kallang Bowl @ Kallang Leisure Park yesterday (Nov 27), was more than just a day of family bonding. Titled ‘Finding Carrots’, the day was also a day of learning for parents and children alike. A handbook, prepared by the staff at Punggol Family Service Centre under AMKFSC, listed parenting tips for having a happy family outing, as well as cultivating good spending habits in children.

The families’ first task of the day was to shop for the items on their ‘Supermarket Wishlist’. Together with the volunteers, each family strived to win the maximum amount of ‘carrot points’ by maximising their dollars. The families also had to perform side missions such as taking a family wefie, and guessing the song.

After lunch, the 16 families were treated to a bowling session. The parents and volunteers taught the children to bowl, and cheered them on even when they did not hit any pins. The children of one family even took turns to look after their baby brother, so that everyone in their family could have a chance to bowl.

The day then ended with a lucky draw, and prizes were also given out to five families who showed encouragement and support for each other throughout the day.


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