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Shoebox Christmas Party

At 4pm sharp this afternoon, about 100 children and their families gathered at the void deck of Block 206A for a shoebox Christmas party.

Prior to today, staff from AMKFSC had walked the block and had gotten the children to fill up a Christmas wish list, where they shared their favourite subjects in school, pastime and characters. The Kuehne + Nagel staff then bought presents according to the list. Mr Harry Waldhelm and Miss Kerene Teo represented the company, as they played Santa and personally handed out the gifts to the children.

The children made no sound, as they waited for their names to be called. Once everyone had their presents, and the go-ahead to open them were given, they tore the wrapping immediately. Shortly, shrieks of surprise and big grins appeared around the void deck, when the children realised their dreams had come true.

Thank you Kuehne + Nagel for sharing joy this festive season!


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