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COMNET seniors try a capella and hip-hop

On December 20 and 21, our seniors from COMNET Senior Service under AMKFSC attended the last sessions of a capella and hip-hop, organised by Esplanade.

The seniors, who participated in the a capella session, were exposed to various singing techniques, harmonising their voices to a number of oldies. The seniors formed their groups and performed the song of their choice as a finale to the training they received over the past few weeks. Upon the completion of the course, they received a graduation certificate in honour of their commitment and efforts. After their final performance, they were also treated to a satisfying lunch.

The next day, another group of our seniors danced to the remixed version of 'Billie Jean' by Michael Jackson. They were highly cohesive and in sync with the music as they performed their final routine, a culmination of all the techniques over the past few weeks. A sumptuous lunch was also provided after their routine to replenish their energy.

From the expressions of the seniors, it was clear that they enjoyed the sessions. We look forward to future opportunities of collaboration to promote successful aging among our seniors.


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