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Celebrating Lunar New Year with Teck Ghee residents

Two days before the Lunar New Year, staff members from Family Services @ 323 and their ambassadors (also known as FSC Ambassadors) walked the block to greet fellow residents and wish them well for the New Year.

Taking the initiative, the FSC Ambassadors came up with the idea, bought and packed oranges, which symbolise life, a new beginning, and prayers and wishes for good fortune, particularly during the Lunar New Year.

Then, on the evening of January 25 (Wednesday), they distributed the oranges to their neighbours, getting to know them in the process. Children who lived in the block also offered to help with the orange distribution.

It was definitely a sweet surprise for those who received the oranges and well wishes, kicking start the year on a good note!

FSC Ambassadors are residents staying at Block 323. Last December, they had expressed interest to work with the family service centre (FSC) at Teck Ghee to see how the FSC can better support the residents. Together with staff from the FSC, these ambassadors are also exploring ways to reach out to vulnerable and isolated residents living in the block, as well as activities that may be organised to engage and interact with the residents.

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