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Healthy cook-off with SIEMENS

On April 18 (Tuesday), amidst the heavy downpour, volunteers from SIEMENS organised a little cooking session for about 30 children from BASIC Student Care Centre (Cheng San) under AMKFSC.

The menu for the day included Fruits and Donuts Skewers, and Freshly-shaken Salad in a Jar. The volunteers specially brought along generous goodies, such as fresh veggies, hams, various berries, donuts and – the kids’ all-time favourite – chocolate sauce, for the children to channel their inner Gordon Ramsay.

The children’s faces lit up with joy as they explored the preparation methods, guided by the volunteers. Each child also received a goodie bag, courtesy from the volunteers. They were thankful for such an enjoyable session, especially when they got to eat the food made by themselves and the volunteers.

Once again, thank you SIEMENS for showing our children that they too can prepare a simple, but healthy meal on their own!

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