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COMNET CREST Dementia Awareness Talk

On May 3, 2017 (Wednesday), the Community Resource Engagement and Support Team (CREST) at COMNET Senior Service under AMKFSC held a dementia awareness talk at Raffles Institution for 40 students from Raffles Institution Interact Club.

The talk aimed to raise the awareness on dementia, and provided information such as how to recognise the signs and symptoms of dementia among their loved ones and friends, thus allowing them to take preventive measures by seeking appropriate help. Additionally, the talk gave the students a better understanding of dementia, and in turn, become more receptive and accepting of people with dementia around them and in the community.

Through various role-playing activities, the students learned how to better communicate with people with dementia. For example, they were taught how to help a person with dementia who may have difficulty handling money when making a purchase.

The students also tried their hands at different games, which aimed to provide mental stimulation and improve motor skills of people with dementia.

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