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Nanyang Girls’ High School student volunteers serve the community

Every year, Secondary 2 students at Nanyang Girls’ High School participate in the school’s Community Education Programme, which aims to inculcate values and give students a platform for them to play their part in the community.

Between March and May, about 30 girls brainstormed and initiated programmes for the seniors at our senior activity centres in Sin Ming and Sengkang. On March 8, they visited COMNET Senior Service to learn and understand the workings of a senior activity centre, and took in the environment in which the seniors are living in.

Armed with that knowledge and experience, the girls returned to school and came up with a series of programmes to engage our seniors. Theese programmes – such as arts and crafts, karaoke sessions, dance performances and gardening – were conducted on Wednesdays, from 2.30PM to 4.30PM, with 15 students volunteering at each senior activity centre.

On the morning of May 22 (Monday), the student volunteers at the senior activity centre in Sengkang built a Gratitude Tree with the seniors, whom they had come to know. On the Gratitude Tree, the seniors wrote heartfelt messages for things that they were grateful for. Over at the senior activity centre in Sin Ming, 15 other student volunteers engaged the seniors in games such as pick-up sticks, memory cards and aeroplane chess, against a background music of oldies but goldies.

The next day, seniors from COMNET @ Sin Ming were invited to Nanyang Girls’ High School, where the girls livened up the atmosphere with a series of song and dance performances. They then took the seniors on a trip down memory lane through a puzzle-piecing activity, where the handmade puzzles were created from black and white photos of Singapore in the olden days.

Many a time during the various sessions, it was not uncommon to see the girls holding the hands of their elders, as they listened to their stories in rapt attention. The seniors sincerely enjoyed the students’ companionship, and thanked the children profusely for spending time with them, as they helped them towards the bus.

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