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Ahoy there! BASIC Student Care Services (Sengkang) visits the Singapore Maritime Gallery

On June 6 (Tuesday), about 20 children from BASIC Student Care Services (Sengkang) went on an excursion to the Singapore Maritime Gallery, which was sponsored by Singapore Press Holdings.

The children learned about Singapore’s maritime achievements through an informative and enjoyable tour, and spent time at various interactive exhibits including the explorer’s corner, where they took on the role of a junior maritime explorer, and the 20-foot shipping container, where they discover the importance of the sea in our lives. The kids also enjoyed the interactive Ship Spotter, where they learned of the latest technologies used to manage Singapore’s waterways.

However, the children’s most memorable experience had to be the time spent at the ship handling stimulator. Through this hands-on experience, the children experienced what it was like to be a ship captain as they piloted eight unique ships through several missions.

Auntie Lillian, the tour guide at the Gallery, was also a hit with the inquisitive children, as she took the time to answer each and every question patiently.

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