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Tag! You’re It: BASIC Student Care Centre (Chengsan) joins Fossil in laser tag

Shrill screams and laughter filled the outdoor sports centre at Kovan, where about 40 children from BASIC Student Care Centre (Chengsan) gathered to participate in a game of laser tag with volunteers from Fossil.

Once the kids settled down in their groups of four, the facilitators introduced the game and gave instructions on how to use the guns. The children listened with rapt attention, occasionally raising their hands to ask questions.

Four groups, equally divided into two separate courts, were allowed per turn, and each group was joined by one to two Fossil volunteers. When the whistle blew to initiate the start of the game, the children began chasing down their opponents. Each team had at least three opportunities to play in a span of two hours.

The hot weather did little to curb the children’s enthusiasm; every one of them ended the activity drenched in their perspiration. On the way back to the centre, the children chattered incessantly, reminiscing the fun times they had.

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