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Kids at BASIC Student Care Centre (Ang Mo Kio) don ‘Badges of Honour’

On June 13, 2017 (Tuesday), the children at BASIC Student Care Centre (Ang Mo Kio) spent a boisterous morning playing games and making crafts with volunteers from Singapore Power (SP).

The kids split into groups for the activities. They played games such as picture charades, where a word was given to each table, and a child drew the word for the other children to guess. They were thoroughly entertained and loved the game; the noise level escalated as the children fervently tried to get the correct answers.

Later, the SP volunteers whipped out badge-making materials, garnering the rapt attention of the children. The memorable event saw the kids drawing their own designs and having the opportunity to try out the badge-making machine under the close supervision of the volunteers. Once their badges were created, the children – pleased with their final product – ran to show their friends at other tables.

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170613 amk 02
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