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Treasure-hunting at the Malay Heritage Centre

With Hari Raya Puasa coming up, the teachers at BASIC Student Care Centre (Cheng San) took the children on a trip to the Malay Heritage Centre, located at Sultan Gate.

As soon as they arrived at the centre, each child was handed an activity book, which they were tasked to complete by viewing the special exhibition Mereka Utusan. The exhibition provided insights into the development of Malay modernity and identity through the language of advertisments and editorial cartoons produced from 1920s to 1960s. The children helped one another out, as they hurried from wall to wall to get the correct answers.

Following the end of the activity, the Lower Primary kids headed towards the auditorium, where they learned about the responsibilities and duties of a curator. They also had the memorable chance of being a mini curator themselves. Having given cardboard boxes and craft materials, the children chattered excitedly and worked together in groups to design the best storefronts. Once half an hour was up, each group proudly presented their shops.

On the other hand, the Upper Primary children were taken on a tour of the six permanent galleries located in the Malay Heritage Centre itself. Stepping into the kolong, the children spoke in hushed tones as their animated and enthusiastic tour guide May shared that the centre used to be the living quarters of a king.

Throughout the tour, the children paid close attention and asked questions which May patiently answered. Not only were they introduced to vintage Malay films, the children were also exceptionally excited at seeing gold. So much so, that they pestered May with the question, “Is that real gold? Really?”

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