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Children at BASIC Student Care Services visit the National Gallery Singapore

This year, to celebrate Children’s Day, about 100 children from our BASIC student care centres in Ang Mo Kio, Cheng San and Sengkang visited the National Gallery Singapore.

At the museum, the children were separated into three groups. An experienced storyteller accompanied each group, telling stories that were related to a specific painting. For example, the children from BASIC Student Care Centre (Cheng San) were taught the importance of knowing a second language to prevent miscommunication through three short stories.

After a quick lunch, the students had the opportunity to visit The Obliteration Room by Yayoi Kusama, where they ran amok, pasting round dot stickers of various sizes on the furniture and knick-knacks. They also took steps on to the Firework: A Bridge of Embers, an immersive display that beckons courageous children to take a dreamlike walk through infinity, and peer into the excavations of the former Supreme Court Building.

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