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Learning Escape Day 2017

AMKFSC has always placed a strong emphasis on continuous learning, because we believe that it is important for our staff to upgrade their skills and knowledge to stay relevant. Every year, AMKFSC dedicates a special day, known as Learning Escape Day (LED), to learning. At LED, both professional and support staff come together to learn new skills and processes, and to generate and integrate ideas, so as to foster openness in learning from one another.

More than 200 staff attended the annual LED on May 26, 2017 (Friday), held at the Civil Service Club, where they mingled and caught up with colleagues from the other centres and departments over breakfast.

This year, some staff members including Mr Keeshan Menon, Mr Huzaifah Bin Hassan, Ms Joanne Koh and Ms Ernie Lydia Binte Abu Yamin shared their thoughts on diversity, new processes and the importance of thinking out of the box. Others including Ms Blossom Chan, Ms Moagana Rani d/o Rajagopal and Mr Seow Kwee Yong updated the agency on programmes and services that they currently provide.

After a quick tea break, the staff adjourned to the bowling alley on the lower floor, where they bonded over completing a puzzle and hitting strikes.

The Corporate Support department also took this opportunity to announce the agency winners for the National Steps Challenge. COMNET Senior Service won the overall team challenge, while Ms Vera Seah, Ms Patricia Poo and Mr Mohd Fadil Bin Hassan clocked the most number of steps in about nine months, taking home the top three prizes.

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