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COMNET Senior Service host visitors from Hong Kong

On November 24, 2017 (Friday), 60 seniors and 6 staff members from Wilson T.S. Wang District Elderly Community Centre under the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in Hong Kong visited COMNET Senior Service @ 182 Rivervale Crescent (SAC) on a Singapore Study Tour 2017 for the Elderly.

Arriving at 9.30AM sharp, the first half of the group learned about the various programmes and services COMNET provide to the seniors living in the community. The visitors also had a quick tour of the Senior Group Home, a residence for 13 semi-ambulant seniors who may require assistance with some activities of daily living, and may also have mental health issues.

After the tour, the seniors from Hong Kong took over the stage to introduce the programmes and services at their elderly community centre. The audience, which included local seniors at the senior activity centre, were also taught the signs for applause and ‘I Love You’, after the first performance of the Chinese song ‘Tian Mi Mi’ which was coupled with sign language by the seniors.

Later, one member from the Hong Kong group transformed into Magician of the Day and performed several tricks, to the delight of everyone present. He ended his performance by wishing everyone good health and harmony.

But the highlights of the day were definitely the beatboxing performance by the Hong Kong visitors, as well as the hip-hop dance performance by our OTAI seniors.

Beatboxing and hip-hop dance are two activities frequently associated with the younger generation. Out to challenge this stereotype, these two performances were so well-received that they each performed twice. During the second performance, our Hong Kong guests even joined our OTAI seniors in their performances!

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