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COMNET Senior Service hosts students from Hong Kong

On May 23, 2018 (Wednesday), COMNET Senior Service hosted 13 students from The Education University of Hong Kong, who were in Singapore to learn about the various senior services available in our country.

About 40 seniors living around COMNET@Cheng San, one of our senior activity centres in the estate of Ang Mo Kio, turned up to enjoy the activities prepared by the students. Through this visit, the students hoped to foster intergenerational integration across ages and cultures, and most importantly, to bring joy to our seniors.

The day began with an ice-breaker, as the students introduced themselves and got to know the seniors better. Although they spoke mostly in Mandarin, the students also took the effort to communicate in English with the Malay and Indian seniors, so that they would not feel left out.

Once the seniors were ready to mingle, the students began a short routine of morning exercises. Later, they broke the seniors into groups, where two groups painted on canvases depicting the skylines of Singapore and Hong Kong, and the other two groups decorated bookmarks with crayons. Finally in the afternoon, the students facilitated the usual Bingo session at the centre.

Thank you to the volunteers from The Education University of Hong Kong for bringing smiles to our seniors, and may you learn something from the experience!

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