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COMNET seniors create blooms at ITE College Central

On June 13, 2018 (Wednesday), about 80 seniors from the Befriending Programme at COMNET Senior Service under AMKFSC travelled from Sengkang to ITE College Central at the latter’s invitation to participate in a community art project.

At 2.30pm sharp, student volunteers waited at the bus bay to walk the seniors to the hall where the activity was going to happen. The event, hosted and organised by the students, kicked off as soon as the seniors were all seated down.

The students at each table engaged and taught seniors how to upcycle milk cartons and turn them into two styles of useful coin pouches. Despite a rough start, the seniors quickly got the hang of it. After a quick break, the participants began making flowers for a 2 metre by 2 metre black board. When the flowers were completed, seniors had the opportunity to stick their own blooms onto the board. They clearly enjoyed the activity and was pleased with their handicrafts, as they queued at the end of the event, to take photos with the final artwork.

From pre-prepping the milk cartons to tiny details such as playing oldies that are familiar to our seniors, it is evident that much thought has been put into organising the event. Thank you very much ITE College Central for being such a great host to our seniors!

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