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PowerSavers Carnival powered by SP Group and DBS

On June 21, 2018 (Thursday), about 120 children attended a carnival sponsored by the SP Group and DBS, held at Kebun Baru Community Centre. These children were from BASIC Student Care Services, the Achieving Kids and Kin Programme, and Punggol Family Service Centre under AMKFSC.

At 9.30am, 90 volunteers from SP Group and DBS gathered at the venue to prepare for the event, setting up seven different stations, from which the children could earn props for each activity completed. The props would then be used to dress up their ‘Super Hero’, their team leader who also exhibited the kids’ masterpieces on the runway.

This carnival aimed to educate the children and increase the awareness about energy and cost saving. Each activity is thus centered on the theme of saving. Activities included making their own green planters using upcycled plastics, identifying household appliances that are high or low in energy usage, and learning how to manage household appliances in a more energy-efficient way.

Lessons on savings need to start from an early age. A big thank-you to the SP Group and DBS for bringing this educational initiative to the community and to our future generation!

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