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MindCare celebrates Lunar New Year at River Hongbao 2019

On February 7 (Thursday), the staff from MindCare, the community mental health service at AMKFSC, organised a trip to River Hongbao 2019 for six beneficiaries, who are recovering from chronic mental health issues and have actively participated in multiple group work runs since 2017, to celebrate Lunar New Year.

The dazzling lantern displays at River Hongbao 2019 immensely thrilled our beneficiaries, who took many photos to remember the day by. They also read intriguing stories about Chinese cultural myths and legends including the story of the 12 zodiac signs, and learned about Singapore’s history including the Clean Rivers Project in the 1970s and 80s, the relocation of street hawkers and pollution-causing trades.

Each beneficiary was also given a $15 hongbao (red packet), sponsored by MindCare, to spend on their dinner. The trip ended with a group photo against a backdrop of the Marina Bay Sands, before returning home.

Through this outing, MindCare hoped to promote the beneficiaries’ well-being and bring about social inclusiveness in the community, as some of the members are socially isolated and do not receive much family support.

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