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The SPARK Series - Influence by Prof Tommy Koh 2019

Influence exists as the capacity to exert an effect on another in multiple ways. This is the key theme discussed on May 10, 2019, The SPARK Series 2019,  jointly organised by the Ministry of Social and Family Development, AMKFSC Community Services Ltd, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Social Service Institute, and sponsored by Tote Board.

In this session, we are honoured to have Professor Tommy Koh, one of Singapore’s original influencer, to share on using influence to produce certain desired outcome in 3 main areas; 1. building an institution, 2. to bring a complicated negotiation to a successful conclusion. 3. and to forge a consensus out of many competing views and interests.

Prof Koh also shared his experiences in relation to many contentious questions, ranging from inequality in the social landscape, the employment issues of persons with disability, to social class divide that rocked the nation last year.

He rounded up the last question with an important takeaway, that meritocracy is good, but it’s also leaving some people behind. We shouldn’t be blaming meritocracy model but take initiative to include and fight for equal opportunities. Don’t do nothing.

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