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PRUImpact Week 2019 - Social Inequality in Singapore

“Start by appreciating the difference first, don’t just simply jump in to rescue and save,” said Ms Ng Bee Leng, Director of Corporate Support and Community Partnerships, AMKFSC Community Services Ltd.

This is part of the panel discussion on the topic of social inequality in Singapore. The platform, the PRUImpact Week 2019, was initiated by Prudential Singapore from their passion to invest in the community, which addressed matters on the 3 key pillars; Health, Education and Environment.

During the panel, there is a shared consensus that despite having meritocracy as part of the building blocks to address the inequality, equalising opportunities for all diverse backgrounds should be looked into. However, one should start by appreciating and understanding the issue at hand before jumping the gun to “rescue” which may cause more problems as the wider external forces are not addressed.

Some important questions were “Does social equality matter to us? Is it our problem or someone else’s?”. Answering such key questions would help us work better, as individuals, corporates and social service agencies to address issues cohesively.

If you or your organisation would like to be part of the change to narrow the gap of some of these social inequalities in Singapore, feel free to drop us an email at !


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