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Recycling Fun Afternoon at Spright Academy (Sengkang)

What an enriching and exciting afternoon it was for our children from Spright Academy (Sengkang)!

The children were tested on their knowledge of recycling and wastage in Singapore through a quiz. Examples of the quiz questions included “How much plastic waste is generated in Singapore?” and “What is the name of the company in Singapore that recycles water?”. It increased their interest and knowledge of the recycling and wastage situation in Singapore.

The children also had the opportunity to make wallets or pencil holders out of milk carton boxes alongside volunteers. After making them, they were provided with markers to design and beautify them. “I really enjoyed designing the wallet and I didn’t know the importance of upcycling!” exclaimed Hafiz*.

Thank you NTUC nEbO for organising the activities and spending a wonderful afternoon with our children from Spright Academy (Sengkang)!

*real name has been changed

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