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Citi Singapore Transitional Shelter Refurbishment

They say one way to show love is by our actions. It was evident when a group of volunteers from Citi Singapore demonstrated love to our displaced families by refurbishing a unit at Transition Plus @ Jalan Bukit Merah, a service under AMKFSC Community Services.

Transition Plus @ Jalan Bukit Merah supports displaced families, providing them with temporary shelter until the family situations have stabilised. The volunteers from Citi Singapore made it all better by washing and painting the house, transforming the house into a comfortable living environment.

“I think it’s a worthwhile cause. With the team effort, we can make a difference for the less fortunate in the Singapore community,” brought up by Perry Young, a volunteer from Citi Singapore. This is one way to show love. Another Citi Singapore volunteer also mentioned that helping to refurbish the unit is a noble cause and is glad to do his part to bless the community.

Thank you volunteers from Citi Singapore for making a great difference in the lives of our displaced families!

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