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DBS Simcity Finale

“Now I know how a bank branch works!” exclaimed Hafiz* at the DBS AspiraZone programme on Youth Day organised by the DBS Middle Office Technology (MOT) team, which is the finale programme of a 4-month volunteering programme for the team.

Our children from Spright Academy had the wonderful opportunity to explore DBS Asia Hub office located at Changi Business Park, the exploration led them to a training simulation centre for all frontline branch employees, the DBS call centre and the MOT office.

Other activities focused on innovations such the “Alexa”, where the children learnt about the use of voice control to activate technology. When the DBS volunteers demonstrated the Amazon “Alexa” application, many “ooohs” and “wows” were heard around the room. The children were amused over how advanced technology is nowadays when “Alexa” sang after they taught “Alexa” how to sing.

The children also learnt about a coding programme called “Python”. The children definitely learnt about the coding through an activity that teaches them to write commands, as the commands are written, the shapes of the characters are formed.

All in all, it was an enriching day out for the children. Thank you DBS for spending a meaningful day with the children!

*real name has been changed


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