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Celebrating the Responsibility and Love for Children (Special Feature)

Do you know of a single mother handling dual parenting roles? Dual parenting roles refers to performing the roles of both a mother and a father.

Started in 2017 by Cheng San FSC and organised with Ang Mo Kio FSC in 2018, “Celebrating Mothers” groupwork supports single mothers who perform double parenting roles within the community. As it honours the abilities and strengths of single mothers, it also allows them to give back to other people within the bigger community. Not only does this teaches the single mothers how to resolve their issues, it enables them to know how they have been utilising their abilities and strengths to react to their difficulties and learn from one another.

A responsible and loving single mother is one such example. Although she was down after divorcing, her children gave her support for her to go on in life. No matter where her children are, her mind is constantly with them. From the time that she had children, she always wanted the best for them. The fact of her identity as a single mum did not change that goal of hers.

To support our movement, there are two ways you can do so:

1. Inform us if you know of a single mother who could gain from this groupwork or cards that showcase motivational quotes by single mothers.

2. If you would like to share these cards showcasing motivational quotes by single mothers in various platforms to increase our outreach, we are open for further discussion.

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