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National Day Observance and Annual General Meeting 2019

“When I was young, I enjoyed National Day and its activities where there is this sense of bonding across diversity, not only in race, but age as well. We as an agency have this diversity, [this diversity] makes us richer in culture and much stronger together.” - Chairman, A/Prof Ang Seng Bin.

This marks our first combined National Day Observance and Annual General Meeting 2019! The celebration this year is a special one, where we commemorate the bicentennial (200 years) year, that sparks Singapore’s years of discovery and progress.

As part of our reflection on our history, we do not forget to recognise the efforts and contributions of our staff. Accountability, Mastery, Kindred Spirit, Fortitude, Sparkle and Care – determine our attitude and posture towards our clients and one another. These are the common denominators that define us as an organisation, and help us better serve the community to our utmost capability while bridging and connecting the strengths of the community.

Just as our Chief Executive Officer, Dr Vincent Ng mentioned, “Our staff are also our biggest assets and they have done our agency proud on many fronts on a continual basis.”

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