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Celebrating the Faith of a Mother (Special Feature)

Celebrating Mothers groupwork supports single mothers who perform double parenting roles within the community.

A single mother who has faith in spite of the hardships she faces is one such example. Her children’s future motivates her to have faith. To her, the most important thing for them is to be somebody one day. Her hope is for them to pursue their dreams to have a bright future and be good.

As a single mother, she faces the challenges of juggling between performing the roles of both a father and a mother, being the sole breadwinner of the family, balancing several things and dealing with some housing issues.

Despite of the challenges she faces, she is able to overcome them because of her ability to work. All that she focuses on is working more to support her children. She tries to provide a good life for them as much as she can, taking things step by step. Whatever that happens, she reminds herself to be grateful for them.

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