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Financial Literacy Session with Spright Academy (Ang Mo Kio)

“It is fun because I get to interact with the children and teach the children how to save,” brought up by Joycelyn Seah, a volunteer from DBS.

Passion was the key driving force in the volunteers from DBS where they actively engaged our children from Spright Academy (Ang Mo Kio) on 13 September 2019 (Friday), embarking on a session of saving and fun!

It was more than a fun-filled afternoon as they played a bingo game and incorporated their creativity and learning by drawing to the theme of saving! While exploring the theme of saving, they also learnt about spending and donating, what are needs and wants, as well as how to do budgeting.

“To save money, I have learnt to buy the things that we need instead of buying everything that we want,” mentioned by Sarah*.

*real name has been changed.


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