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Celebrating the Perseverance of a Mother (Special Feature)

Mothers are people who press on and overcome their challenges for the sake of their children. “When I see the innocent faces of my children sleeping, I think to myself that they deserve all the love they can get. This motivates me to press on,” brought up by Alice*, a single mother.

One of the greatest challenges she faced was having to juggle between her work and caring for her children. She was also sleep-deprived because there was once she had to hold two jobs to support her children financially and fetched her children from the babysitter’s place after working night shift.

This is a poem that the single mother would like to share.

“Our hearts and souls”

Single Mothers don’t have it easy.

They find a way to make it work, even when they don’t know how.

It’s the love for their child that pushes them through, every single time.

Is There Anything She Can’t Handle?

She has been broken.

She has been knocked down.

She has been defeated.

She has felt the pain that most couldn’t handle.

She looks fear in the face.

Year after year. Day after day.

But yet she never runs.

She never hides.

And she always finds a way to get back up.

She is unbreakable.

She's a Warrior.

She's YOU!!

Salutes to all Mothers especially to all Single Mothers

For all their love and sacrifices

We are a child once before we are mothers ourselves.

We thank you.

“Be diligent, have faith, press on and never give up. Shower your children with all those love you can give them,” said by Alice*.

*real name has been changed.

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