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Walking in the Shoes of People in Poverty

What does ending poverty actually means? How is it like to walk in the shoes of people in poverty?

These are questions often asked and debated, but rarely experienced by the people asking them.

That is why, in conjunction with the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, we have collaborated with Singapore Business Federation Foundation to bring forth an experiential workshop on Poverty, exploring some of the key issues behind poverty and inequality in Singapore.

One key highlight of the workshop is the “Game of Life”, where participants got to walk through real-life situations faced by people in poverty. Being assigned various simulated profiles of people living in poverty, they went onto complete different tasks and challenges, navigating around various systems like schools, the social service office, the family service centre and many others.

“When I experienced first-hand the struggles people living in poverty face, I realised how difficult it is for them as they go through various stages to get help,” mentioned by Charlotte, a participant.

It is through that process, the participants became more empathetic towards individuals facing such challenges being in poverty. They also gained understanding of how they, in their own capacities, can contribute by being part of the community to create change.

As mentioned by Mr Banerjee and Ms Duflo, Nobel Prize Winners for their work in alleviating global poverty, it is important “to stop reducing the poor to cartoon characters and take the time to really understand their lives, in all their complexity and richness.”

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