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Financial Literacy Workshop? Who said its a workshop?

Who said financial literacy had to be done in a workshop?

Our volunteers from DBS Group Finance, curated an immersive experience for the children to learn about financial literacy through a themed carnival over at their DBS Asia X! This is the season finale for the Powersavers 2019, where all the children across all 3 Spright Academy centres were able to experience this special event.

The booths, centred around budgeting, savings and financial planning, was carried out very differently, such as the “Back to School” which allowed the children to plan their budget in buying necessary items for their school. Another booth activity, like the “Do you really NEED it” enabled the children to sort out papers of various needs and wants, where the fastest team wins.

“It is very fun to sort out the needs and wants and I have learnt to spend more on things that we need!” brought up by Wayne*.

But that is not all, the children had the opportunity to learn about Scratch, a block-based programming software that builds the foundation on coding. They even managed to make their own stories and animations based on any of the four themes, namely “Saving for the future”, “Spend, Save, Donate”, “Reduce, reuse, recycle” and “Wants vs Needs”.

The volunteers definitely embodies their tagline “People Of Purpose” as seen through their effort and commitment in planning this event and supporting children from less privileged communities.

“Today's Power Savers Finale was an enriching experience for both the volunteers and children. Through interacting with the children during the activities, it was meaningful to impart knowledge and skills to them who are our future,” mentioned Audrey, a DBS volunteer.

Thank you and we look forward to more meaningful collaborations with DBS in future!

*real name has been changed

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