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Community Fridge Launch

Our very first Community Fridge was officially launched on 26th November 2019, at our Punggol Family Service Centre by the community work team, PG Connectz, under AMKFSC. Also known as the HIP fridge, this initiative is an extension of the Healthy Indulgence Programme, aiming to promote a Healthy Punggol through distribution of healthier food choices.

Often, low-income families may not have access to fresh food items such as fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy products like milk and cheese. Most of them rely on the convenient and cheaper alternatives such as traditional food rations and canned items, which are highly processed and less healthy. And through HIP, the community can take the lead in supporting each other, and providing such healthier options to their fellow residents in the community.

This initiative hopes to also improve neighbourliness amongst the Punggol community, through their contributions to the HIP fridge that creates a common ground for them to engage in conversations. It represents not only the effort of the community that bridges their own community strengths and assets to support others but also a shared space for them to interact and sprout potential intiatives of mutual support.

“We hope through this project, we can build friendships, discover innate goodness and develop assets amongst the community. So it's more than just food storage and sharing but building a caring and warm community through mutual support among the residents.” Dr Vincent Ng - Chief Executive Officer, AMKFSC Community Services Ltd.

The launch event of the HIP Fridge included a human bingo game that identifies skills and talents, a showcase of the milestones prior to the launch as well as a board to pen down their thoughts and hopes for the community and its support for one another.


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