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Drumming into the hearts of children with Glico

It was a day overflowing with fun and excitement for the children of Spright Academy as they pounded the Japanese drums to their hearts content. The thumping sounds of the drums accompanied by the children’s roars of laughter filled Hibikiya Drum Studio.

Our volunteers from Glico (Asia Pacific branch) organised a Japanese drumming session for the students of Spright Academy on 21st November 2019. Both volunteers and the children learnt how to beat the drums and the history and culture behind Japanese drumming.

“This is my first time playing the Japanese drums! The volunteers were helpful and together with my friends, it was very fun performing,” said Alicia*, a student from Spright Academy.

The learning experience was more than that! The volunteers and children were able to collaborate and plan their final showcase for the audience and coaches. Donning on bright blue Japanese drumming vest, the performances ended on a high note with resounding thumping into the hearts of the children. They also went home with a little snack packs, sponsored by Glico!

This opportunity is part of the Spright Academy’s experience where we work with partners like Glico, in hopes that the experience can help the children be exposed to different cultures which may not be available to them!

If you would like to support the children, click HERE!


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