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Seniors' first immersive digital experience with Prudential at Changi Experience Studio

From virtual butterflies, and going through the time tunnel of Singapore’s aviation history, to pedalling on against an airplane at the Amazing Race, our seniors from COMNET @ 182 Rivervale Crescent Senior Activity Centre had a firsthand state-of-the-art digital experience at Changi Experience Studio on 13th December 2019 (Friday).

Our seniors, who are new to the immersive technology at Changi Experience Studio, are guided and accompanied by volunteers of Prudential. Waving out the brochure-sized Travel Guide embedded RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), our seniors unlocked various adventures and interactive games at the seven stations.

Mdm N*, one of the seniors who participated in the tour, said, “I never been here before, so I really like it [Changi Experience Studio]. I learn about how they build the new terminal. The airport now looks very nice, like Gardens by the Bay, much better than before and our volunteers take care of us very well”.

Due to the limitations faced by these seniors, this was a rare opportunity for the seniors visit the first-of-its-kind digital attraction at Jewel Changi. The volunteers also had an enjoyable time, interacting and engaging with our seniors.

“I can see that the seniors are very happy to participate as it gives them a chance to come out. It’s good to know that I can do my little part and make a difference in somebody’s life today,” said Florence, a volunteer from Prudential.

Rini, a staff from COMNET, purported that the outing was an “experiential journey for the seniors into the new and modern” but more importantly, it was an “engagement point for them to interact with volunteers and share their stories”.

COMNET Senior Service aims to empower seniors to seek life satisfaction alongside community support and resources. Thus, it hopes that more opportunities and events can be initiated for seniors with the help of volunteers and various organisations.

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