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A Wrap Up for the Students in Digital4Good Scratch Programme

On 12th December 2019 (Thursday), 34 children from Spright Academy (Ang Mo Kio and Cheng San branches) attended their eighth and final session of Digital4Good Scratch Programme at the main office of GovTech.

To round up and conclude the past sessions on a positive note, a graduation event was also held with the presence of their peers from Spright Academy. The children, from Primary 2 to Primary 6 education levels, delivered their final project based on their skills and knowledge acquired during the coding lessons. Certificates were given out to the children who completed the programme and savoury snack packs were distributed to all the children present at the event.

Digital4Good Scratch Programme is under the initiative of Code in the Community by GovTech which seeks to help Primary 2 to Primary 6 students understand the logic and concept of coding in a fun and interactive way suitable for their ages.

“The pace of the programme was just right for the children to learn and be creative. They were given the opportunity to express themselves as they showcased their end-products and even emcee-ed for the graduation event,” mentioned Meena, staff of Spright Academy.

Spright Academy not only provides academic guidance, it also seeks to develop a child holistically. Through more programmes and activities such as Digital4Good Scratch, Spright Academy hopes to cultivate essential skills in children such as creativity, systematic reasoning and teamwork.

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