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Building and Coding MBots with Singapore Power

Our children from Spright Academy under AMKFSC Community Services had the exciting opportunity to build Arduino MakeBlock mBots from scratch alongside guidance from Singapore Power volunteers. At the same time, the volunteers gave the children the space to build the mBots by themselves in groups so they could understand the importance of having team work to complete a task.

Not only that, they learnt how to control the movements of the mBots through coding! There were several basic moves that the children were able to learn, like getting the mBots to spin clockwise, anti-clockwise and move backwards to make the mBots move in circles. The older children who are more technologically-savvy played the role of a mentor to guide the younger ones on the correct codes to use.

“It is my very first time learning how to code and I enjoy seeing the mBots move!” brought up by Gabriel*.

As the mBots touches on technology and engineering, the programmes brought STEM initiatives to our children especially when the world is transiting towards digitisation. Hence, the sessions helped the children to discover and explore more about STEM as they learnt how coding can be linked to the movements of the mBots. “Through these mBots activities, we hope it would spark their interest in STEM-related studies and careers in future,” mentioned by Yi Long, a Singapore Power volunteer.

Thank you Singapore Power for educating and bringing joy to our children!

If you would like to support the children, click HERE!

*real name has been changed

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