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Transforming Lives with the Liang Family Education Fund

As the fundamental stage to gain knowledge, social skills and coming-of-age experiences, education is the most important stepping stone in one’s life.

But what happens when the stepping stone proves too high to climb?

When we say that success comes to those who work hard, we often forget that the roads leading to it are not all paved the same. Just within AMKFSC Community Services, more than 15 students drop out of post-secondary education annually to reduce their families’ financial burden, a situation exacerbated by the inability to utilise CPF funds or secure bank loans due to the nature or unstable income of their parents’ jobs

The Liang Family Education Fund was started in the name of the late Liang siblings, who came from a large family in Penang. Growing up, they faced circumstances that prevented them from completing their education. Moving to Singapore later in life, the siblings - who remained single - were mutually supported within their closely-knit family, and held a strong belief that “education would open opportunities and… provide the next generation a better life.”

The siblings’ hardworking ethics, belief in the community and values lie at the heart of their family’s recognition of the gap many students face. This legacy lives on through a fund created in their name that supports disadvantaged youths’ post-secondary education, which bears a potentially transformative ability to aid upward social mobility as a social leveller.

The Liang Family Education Fund will be an agent of change, bridging the gap caused by social and income inequality for less-privileged students. If you’d like to be an enabler of positive transformation too, you can reach out to us at to learn more about how you can contribute.

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