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DBS Virtual Hong Kong Tour with COMNET Senior Service

As the pandemic was prolonged and seniors were unable to visit any places of interest, DBS came up with a special way to bring them around on a journey of exploration!

Our corporate partners at DBS brought our seniors to Hong Kong virtually, down a bustling trail of iconic landmarks, hidden destinations, and alleyway sights! At a marketplace where one of the vendors sold eggs, the tour guide even told an interesting story on why the stall had a single hanging bulb: to check on the freshness of an egg, a tidbit that interested the seniors greatly.

The seniors from COMNET Senior Service enjoyed an interactive session filled with quizzes, snacks and interesting facts on Hong Kong’s culture and history, all while traversing the city’s vibrant streets. After the 1 hour tour of Hong Kong, the seniors enjoyed a scrumptious snack of egg tarts - a cultural experience, even in the midst of this pandemic!

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