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Science & Fun with NUS' sci@home Kits

During the pandemic, volunteers were not able to visit Spright Academy and conduct activities with the children, so the NUS Science Faculty had a plan: to start community engagement project initiated by a group of undergraduates from NUS YES (Young Educators in Science), NUS alumni and Science Demo Lab staff!

Called “sci@home”, the initiative provided complimentary science kits for primary school students from low-income families, bringing experimentation right into the safety of their centre/homes and helping to overcome the challenges some parents face in providing educational guidance and support for their children.

Through these kits, they offered a new avenue of enrichment for the children and inspire them to be more interested in Science. To maximise its impact, we also collaborated with DBS by having their volunteers guide our children through an online workshops to bring forth the scientific concepts of the experiments included in the sci@home kit.

The children had a great learn & play experience in the sessions through the interaction with the volunteers, and the fun experiment by NUS.

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