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Prudential Goes Cha-ching With Financial Literacy at Spright Academy

Financial literacy has always been of primary importance when we consider volunteering activities with our children. That's where Prudential has come in- with their expertise, they conceptualised and carried out the Cha-Ching programme, training volunteers to teach our children financial literacy through fun activities.

The programme focused on 3 parts of financial literacy: Learn, Earn and Save. Across our Spright Academy centres, the volunteers conducted the 'Learn' activity programmes through fun music and animated videos, where they taught children about earning and saving money. Then, they conducted an ‘Earn’ activity, where children had to earn ‘money’ through various tasks to exchange the for cha-ching collaterals.

Lastly, the children had to draw, dance, and show other special skills to the volunteers, who evaluated their performances before rewarding them with the appropriate amount of money, to teach the children the true cost of money - and that ultimately, it is hard to come by and important to save!

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