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Redefining Taboos with Good-to-Go

In Asian societies, death and funerals are often a subject of taboo, with many unwilling to openly discuss it due to superstition.

Earlier this month, a group of seniors went through a makeover and photoshoot - for their funeral and obituary portrait photos, as part of the Good-to-Go programme by COMNET Senior Service under AMKFSC Community Services that aims to help the elderly prepare for the last phase of their lives.

Kindly supported by volunteers from Mediacorp, the afternoon was a part of a 10-part programme that covered sessions ranging from reflecting on one's life, to writing one's own obituary, and even on fulfilling bucket lists.

"Although it might seem to be about death, the programme to me is really more about life," Rachael Tee, Senior Social Worker of the Good-to-Go Programme, shares.

Through preparing for their last days, many seniors discover more about themselves and go through new experiences. "This is the first time I've ever put on make up in my life," one senior says with glee. "There's nothing better than being able to choose how you would look, even after you're gone - because who wouldn't want to look their best!"

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