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A Special Community Iftar at the 414 Community Hub

Every event has its own organising committee. But have you ever heard of an organising community?
At the 414 Community Hub under AMKFSC Community Services, gatherings and happenings come with a little twist: they are brought to life by the collaborative hands of a resident-led group of individuals from the community, who create inclusive experiences for the wellbeing of the community.
On Wednesday, the spirit of resident activism burned bright as the organising team came together to prepare for a special evening of Community Iftar, gathering residents in the neighbourhood to break fast together with their Muslim neighbours.
With safe-distancing restrictions in place, the organising community put their heads and hearts together to find creative ways to hold the communal feast, working together to conceptualise the event, invite the neighbourhood down, liaise with Town Councils, procure logistics, secure sponsorships from local businesses, and prepare the dishes for Iftar.
In spite of the pandemic, the resident-led initiative brought the people in the area closer together through a shared cultural experience, showing how every resident has the power to make an impact – because the strongest connections are built by neighbours, for neighbours! 💖

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