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Spright Academy Year End Concert 2021

Our CEO Dr Vincent Ng opened the event with a welcome address, where he commemorated the resilience of Spright Academy’s children as they continue to thrive despite the ongoing pandemic. This was highlighted through their performance the Bookworm Club, where more than 7000 books were read this year, and the new coding programme, where they developed logical thinking and innovation skills.
With the theme of “Hopes & Dreams”, the concert then took audiences on an exciting line up of skits, performances, and activities, which showcased the talents and ambitions of its young students. Well-performing children were also celebrated during an award-giving segment, and prizes were given away to lucky students through a lucky draw!
Rosiah Ibrahim, Principal of Spright Academy, closed the event by thanking volunteers, stakeholders, partners and donors for their unwavering support towards the development and learning of our children.
You, too, can be a part of making the hopes and dreams of Spright Academy’s children come true! End the year with a meaningful deed, and donate to our cause at ✨


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