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Conversations Reimagined: Work Hard Also Not Enough

Is hard work really enough to escape the cycle of poverty in modern-day Singapore? This is a question that we sought to answer at the recent “Conversations Reimagined: Work Hard Also Not Enough”, a hybrid event co-organised by AMKFSC Community Services and Julie's The Best of You.
Held in commemoration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and hosted by Creative Director of ACT 3 Theatrics Amy Cheng, the event brought together individuals with lived experiences, subject matter experts, social service professionals, corporate representatives, and like-minded citizens in a thought-provoking conversation on in-work poverty in Singapore.
The afternoon started with an intimate Human Library session where Nathelie and Iris, two young mothers with first-hand lived experiences of poverty, shared the unique struggles and challenges they face from day to day.
From an insightful keynote address on “Being young and low-income in a dualised labour market” by A/Prof Irene Ng from NUS Department of Social Work, to an engaging panel discussion featuring Sai Tzy Horng, Director of Julie's Biscuits and Founder of The Best of You, Rachel Koh, Assistant Senior Social Worker at AMKFSC Community Services, Vanessa Sharlani Mohan, Parent Liaison Executive and AMKFSC beneficiary, and Dr Mathew Mathews, Head of IPS Social Lab and Principal Research Fellow at Institute of Policy Studies, our speakers kept the momentum going by shedding light on the nuances of in-work poverty through personal anecdotes and research-based insights.
To conclude the event and honour this meaningful partnership, AMKFSC’s CEO Dr Vincent Ng presented Julie’s Biscuits with a special calligraphy piece created by Mr Thomas Tsang, beneficiary of COMNET Senior Service. 🖌
Just like the meaning behind the words on this special piece, we hope that this event will serve as a reminder for us and fellow partners to continue creating spaces, conversations, and opportunities to stand together with individuals who live in poverty.
And to quote the closing words of Ng Bee Leng, Director for Community Development and Strategic Communications & Partnerships at AMKFSC Community Services: “Let us not forget to salute all the Vanessas, Irises, and Nathelies of the world who have taught us humility, respect, and resilience.” 💪
We would like to thank our partner Julie's The Best of You once again for their strong advocacy and support towards the cause, and our venue partner JustCo for helping to make it a reality! 💙

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