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HeARTship Exhibition 2022

Who are you, and what is your story? This is a question that our youth beneficiaries sought to answer at the recent HeARTship Exhibition where they shared about their journeys of self-discovery by using art as a medium of expression. 🎨
Held at 643 Community Hub for the first time since the pandemic, the exhibition started with a tour around the gallery where visitors were introduced to a plethora of unique art pieces - from watercolour landscapes to Japanese-inspired tattoo designs.
While the young artists – aged 10 to 15 – differed wildly in their art styles, presentation, and stories, they all had one thing in common – their love and passion for art! Albeit their shy and introverted personalities, they explained every piece in detail and uncovered the many hidden layers to their art pieces.
To affirm the youths for their courage and resilience, guests were invited to pen down words of encouragement and praise for each of the youths. πŸ’ͺ
The affirmation boards were then presented to the youths in a special definition ceremony, where they were also awarded Certificates of Accomplishment for completing the four-week HeARTship group work programme.
We would like to applaud our young artists for sharing their stories so bravely to their loved ones and even strangers they’ve never met before - a feat certainly commendable especially at their age! πŸ‘
Lastly, kudos to our teams from Youth Infinity and Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre for creating a space for young minds to venture into self-discovery and a platform for them to share their rich inner lives. πŸ’›

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