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206A Kampung Night 2016

The rain was not letting up anytime soon. But when seven o’clock came, residents from rental block 206A at Punggol Place streamed down to the void deck, mingling with their neighbours and staff members from Punggol Family Services Centre, the Police and the Residents’ Committee.

Named ‘206A Kampung Night’, Punggol FSC’s community engagement and outreach event aimed to create awareness about the community’s needs and strengths, foster a sense of belonging to 206A and draw empathy towards their neighbours living in the same block.

After registration, residents came together for dinner, before heading towards the game booths. They were treated to old-school games such as hopscotch, skipping, basketball and ping-pong, where they would earn a stamp for each completed activity. Depending on the number of tasks they complete, the event-goers were entitled to different gifts.

Residents also had the opportunity to learn the results of a survey, in which they had participated in a few months back. For instance, the survey found that the top three challenges of the blocks are financial needs, employment and physical health. Additionally, about 50% of the residents were also willing to ask and receive help from one another.

Two walls – Pillar of Aspirations and Pillar of Contributions – provided a platform for residents to penned their thoughts by completing the sentences “I hope 206A can be …” and “To make 206A a better place, I can ...”.

Many hoped for a safe and clean environment, with some wishing for better transportation around the area. Most of the residents also pledged to keep their block free from rubbish, as well as to make regular visits to the elderly living amongst them.

While the residents enjoyed the time with their neighbours, nothing beat the excitement of the lucky draw at the end of the night. Everyone gathered around the Punggol FSC staff, each holding their ticket stub tightly in their hands.

With every shout of the lucky number, the crowd called out in pure joy, although they might not have won anything; the kampong spirit evidently present between the residents of Block 206A.

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