Stories from the Shelter: Jeremy

This week, we speak to the brusque and big-hearted man behind the operations of the shelter: Jeremy!

In this week’s segment of Stories from the Shelter, we meet the brusque, straight-talking Jeremy!

As the Assistant Manager of Operations at Transition Plus, Jeremy is known to be firm and tough when things need to get done, but he’s also a great team player with a big heart for those in need. Read on to find out his story! 

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    "I'm a straight-talker - and it shows in my work, too. As a problem-solver, my main goal is always to just get the job done, no matter what it is. At Transition Plus, I sometimes have to play the bad cop when things need to get things done - which complements the rest of the team, especially when tough decisions need to be made!"
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    “I’m a jack-of-all-trades – you name it, I've done it – from communications to events to conducting trainings and even working at a roadside stall. The different encounters and experiences I’ve had enables me to offer different perspectives and skills to the work that we do at Transition Plus, where we don't draw lines between roles."
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    "I like comics, particularly the Marvel ones (but not the movies, whoops). Like the Avengers, the team at Transition Plus is strong because we support one another and have great synergy. When we first started out, it was almost like being parachuted into a warzone - we had to get the shelter up and running in no time at all! But this was probably how we managed to build up an indomitable team spirit - we never give up and focus on helping our tenants to the best of our ability."
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    "And that's what really drives me – being part of a team with a strong bond and utmost dedication to the cause! We share a common ground – unconditional positive regard for those whom we serve. When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up - and that's what our team firmly believes in. Keeping in mind the best interests of each tenant, we work together tirelessly to ensure their well-being. Our top priority is to empower them to improve their lives!"

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