Stories from the Shelter: Viknesh

This week, we speak to the spontaneous and fun-loving Viknesh!

In this segment of Stories from the Shelter, a series featuring the people behind Transition Plus, we meet the spontaneous and adventurous Viknesh! To Viknesh, being a social worker at Transition Plus is not just a job - it's an adventure. Read on to find out his story!

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    "My career in social work started from my passion for volunteering. I wanted to do something more meaningful for individuals and families, which is why I ventured into the sector. And it has been meaningful, indeed. Joining Transition Plus has taught me to be innovative and adaptable in supporting those that need our help!"
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    "I love the outdoors and all things nature. Being an outdoor enthusiast, I never say no to a new adventure!" I decided it was time to venture into something new, which is why I moved from a Family Service Centre to Transition Plus. There is never a dull day here - every day, a new challenge awaits!"
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    "Despite the many setbacks we face, my team and I are able to keep going through supporting one another. Seeing how our beneficiaries progress towards reintegrating into society and securing their own housing really pushes us through tough times!"
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    "It heartens me to see families who have successfully found their own homes return to the shelter to pay it forward, whether through donations or volunteering. Their mindset of giving back to the community encourages me to do the same as well. I truly hope more people open their hearts and minds to these lessons that the homeless community have to offer, without any judgment!"

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